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Ease stress in a minute or less

Release muscle fatigue, pain and tension with periodic, simple, quick, inconspicuous

The Search for Quick Pain RELIEF can Stop Here!

from Repetitive Strain Injury
to Relieve Stress Instantly

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Are you experiencing pain when performing repetitive movements?

Do you experience wrist pain, chronic tightness in the neck and shoulders, lower back soreness or eye strain?

Are you looking for an affordable, proven, yet easy and quick solution to your pain?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this may be the most important letter you read....

For years Sherry Ogg, BGS experienced shoulder pain in the office environment that cost her aggravation, pain and loss of work. Jacquie Ogg, MA Feldenkrais practitioner offered help. Together they started searching for practical solutions. They tried many medical and alternative modalities for easy, quick, effective solutions to help reduce the effects of Repetitive Strain Injury. Both Sherry and Jacquie are certified Feldenkrais practitioners and have created simple, effective, in-place movements to relieve repetitive stress in the computer workplace environment.

They found a solution ...

They developed an award-winning WORK`ercise™ program called micromoves. The Program strategy is to provide a series of simple, practical, effective, easy to learn, cost-effective techniques that will contribute to workplace wellness on both an individual and organizational basis. Repetitive Stress Injuries or Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTD) are the result of damage to tendons, nerves, muscles, and other soft body tissues. This damage occurs over time when a person performs repetitive physical movements. These injuries can cause extreme pain and permanent disability.

"Overall, very impressed! I would actually
do these exercises at work."
- Judy Hancock
Health Education Co-Ordinator
University Of Alberta Health Centre

"I think it's absolutely brilliant."
- Aldo Zanoni
President, Network Learning Masters

micromoves™ can help ease the pain and strain!    (order)

one time payment - for life . This is a lower cost than is currently charged for most physio, chiropractic, acupuncture or massage visits. These exercises can also OGGment the above treatments between visits.
With the rise of computer use and high speed typing society has an epidemic of injuries to the hands, arms, shoulders and back. Adequate rests and breaks along with micromoves™ now offer relief from many computer-derived pains. micromoves™ are gentle and don't intrude on your work time. Taking micro-breaks to do micromoves™ can be paused or cancelled at any time. Anybody with pre-existing injuries should consult a doctor before performing the movements in our samples

Be happier and more productive. Regular use of
micromoves™ offers the following:

  • Reduction in tension, pain and discomfort
  • Reduction in stress, strain and anxiety
  • Reduction in fatigue and burnout
  • Prevention of RSI or CTDs
  • Increase in productivity and performance
  • Increase in job satisfaction and security
  • Facilitation of positive attitudes and morale
  • Increased concentration and prolonged attention span
    "Clear, easy to follow, very practical."
    - Dr. Art Burgess
    (Formerly) Faculty Of Physical Education & Recreation,
    Unversity Of Alberta

    Do you know that:

    FACT: Most repetitive strain injuries do not originate at the source of the pain. For example, bad back posture and arm usage can create neck pain. micromoves is a wholistic, practical approach that works on the body as a whole.

    FACT: Most repetitive strain and strain injuries come from poor posture, immobility and repetitive movements. Periodic, simple, quick, inconspicuous micro movements release the muscle fatigue and tension.

    "Overall, I love it!"
    - Charmaine Ramer
    RN, Registered Massage Therapist

Relieve strain and pain with micromoves.   (order)

The micromoves Program provides visual and text-based instruction on quick and easy to do micromoves (small exercises) for the shoulders, neck, back, wrist and eyes. Have access to all soothing, healing, preventive moves, all of the time. At your convenience click on a micromoves and take one minute to apply positive movements to any part of your body. 40 micromoves run as a video on Real Player. The exercises are grouped according to commonly strained body parts. But it's important to realize that any exercise influences the efficiency of the body as a whole.

Order your program today and at any time get access to all micromoves

BONUS – You also receive FREE:

  • Ergonomic Tips – Discover keys to good body alignment, common ergonomic faults, phone use, tips, monitor alignment, laptop ergo-tips, ergonomic glossary and others. Prevent future aggravation and lost down time by setting up your computer environment correctly.
  • Info Bits on Anatomy on video – Understand how each body part functions
  • Downloadable booklet – Access all 40 micromoves conveniently from anywhere (value $12.00)

P.S. If you are still not sure, get your FREE Sample of Ergo TIPS and quick micromoves. See some in action and see how they work for you at your computer. Sign up at the top of this page.

P.S.S. What is it worth to you to rid the pain and tension from your shoulders, eyes, neck, wrists or back? Just imagine the extra results, peace of mind and happiness as you have a productive day. It is a money back guarantee.

Try the program and make a difference in your life.

Click & Be Fit!

"Really good assortment of information and ergonomics and moves."
Heather Kelly Grant Macewan College, Sport And Wellness

Start easing the pain and strain now for a one-time fee of only $49 (limited time special) with micromoves™(order)




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2. When you receive your password, proceed to the provided link and download your guide.

3. You can now print your guide. Use thicker paper for better results. After printing the guide, fold it along the middle blue line so it looks like the picture above.



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(same content as Travelercise + extra lap top ergo tips)

A One-Time Fee
of Only $49
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Travelercise is included in the microMoves program

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